Making a comeback

Or trying to at least. I haven’t really been around since university ended… Mainly because I’ve been very busy adjusting to life as a working adult. Currently working as an intern at ARM, helping out as much as I can in the demo team. My work there is confidential and I cannot say anything about it, but I am now used to the routine and feel it’s a good moment to take up blogging again.

Hopefully I’ll start posting some of my artwork soon again. I have a few things I want to start working on 🙂

Nice to see you all, silent readers


I’m done

Almost a week to the day of my last post, I can safely announce that I have FINISHED ALL MY WORK FOR MY FINAL MAJOR.

These last days were spent finishing up the presentation, which was just a case of assembling all the pages I have been doing throughout the course of the project, adding the last tidbits and RENDERING.

And, even now, I still get as bored as I always have whilst waiting for pieces to render. Luckily for me there it was mainly images which I had to render out, so I didn’t have to wait that much.

A breakdown of my last days (according to my faithful planner, which I would have scanned was it not a pile of scribbles, crosses, scratches and notes in the various languages I speak)

5/May -> 7/May: Finish drawings for last couple of pages: Interactions amongst characters. Sketches/B&W

8 + 9/May: Finish full colour pieces

10 + 11/May: Assembly and write-up of PDP, amongst other things

12/May: Maya scenes, render out images

13/May: render out and assemble showreel and write the final thoughts page

The videos for my submission rendered before lunch. I finished typing up my final thoughts about an hour ago, and it was only once everything was written down I realised I forgot to update my progress blog. So here it is, the final update before my hand in.

The only thing left to do, and which I will do after I finish typing this entry, is go out and print out the presentation pages, so I can mount them and make a really pretty printed sketchbook to hand in, and put all the work in a USB stick.

As such, I leave you with the final glimpses of work I produced during these last couple of days, presented in their page format because why not.

stuck interact- swimming interacting interacting 2 maya render1 maya render2

7 days left….

One more week and I am officially done with my undergraduate course. I feel both excited, nervous, numb… and slightly sick, but that may well be due to the burnout. So close to the end, and I feel my energy slowly seeping away. All I want to do is sleep. Literally sleep. Forever.

Which is not good, as I still have a bit to go. One more section and my presentation will be done. My showreel video is partly done… I have so much stuff almost done and so little actually done it’s worrying. Motivating, though, as the moment I get it all done it’s just going to be one thing after the other and I’ll have everything finished in one go.

To compliment the post, a screenshot of how the presentation is doing. Only 9 more pages to fill! And they will not take me that long so… lets hope I’ll finish it today. If I finish it today, i’ll be the happiest person on earth.Image

End of Easter thoughts

So, almost two weeks after my last post, I blog again. A small post, only showing all the drawings done so far, as I am still caught up with the massive amount of work needed to be finished before the hand-in. The presentation is almost done, which is a bonus, but that is only a fraction of all I have to do in order to have a submission that is up to my standard.

Next update will probably be near the hand-in date, just recording my thoughts on being so close to the end.

1.8attachment 1.10 Swamp Dwellers Character Traits friendship friendship2 interacting Lahja swamp dweller

Mermaids anyone?

There clearly was a theme to today: Shark mermaids! Currently working on the presentation, as the characters are almost done, but I seem to have gotten a bit sidetracked…

The mermaids play a vital role in the ecosystem of the Cold Bay, but I did not focus on them for character development for some reason, and I do not know why. I have come to love their creepy design and fierce predatorial nature. I did a very quick model of the head of one (the WHOLE thing has literally taken me an hour, and did it as a break from work) and some concepts, but I do not think i’ll draw any more. For the time being. As soon as the hand-in is done I am coming back to them and making a full one in Zbrush.

Meanwhile, enjoy some art from today!



and a little sneak view of how I’m arranging my submission pages! Loving the simple, clean layout



Week 10- Thoughts on Easter

So far, so good! I am happy to report that two characters have a base paint and I am ready to start the third one at any time!

Ideally, the three of them will have the base paint by the end of the week. It is a very nice feeling to be on top of things!

That’s the happy part of the post, now the more daunting stage: My Easter work timetable.

I’m going to be staying in Cambridge during the two Easter weeks, and planning on going in to class every weekday, arriving at 9 and leaving at 5-6 (depending on how tired I am that particular day). Easter will only happen during the evenings and weekends, where I will do something entirely not work related… ideally play some games, read some books and exercise.

– Just adding a sidenote to praise the calming and relaxing effect working out has on the body, and thoroughly recommending it to everyone. It provides total disconnection with computers and anything technology related for an hour and a bit, and after you’re done your mind feels clear and crisp and ready to tackle more work –

Why am I being so strict to myself? Essentially because Easter is giving me the perfect opportunity to bulk up my submission, go over things and make sure everything is up to the standard I want it to be… as well as two extra weeks to do things. This mainly being because everyone else is going away, which means the distractions that tend to take up my time will not be there to distract me, and I can get a full 5 day work-week instead of the three-day week i’m currently doing (Mondays 11-6, Thursdays 9-6 and Fridays 12-6).

In the end, it is worth it.